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Working from home or at home looking for things to do?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

(You are reading this under Stay home Stay safe.)

Here are our some tested recommendations to be up, about and going.

1. Start with a timetable or a calendar, traditional paper one or digital one, doesn't matter! Get specific and fill your calendar with tasks (yes, even the most seemingly banal one like folding clothes). At the end of a the day, even if you mark one or two tasks with ‘DONE’ or simply strikethrough, it is sure to give you an immense feeling of accomplishment & productivity. Try it and see for yourself!

2. To all the men confined at home, Did you know that women in India spend upto 352 minutes per day on domestic work?

Given that it is still the month that celebrates women’s day, you are bored at home and we trust you want to help: why not take this opportunity to free up the time of the caregiver of the family so that she can focus on her office work or even Netflix and chill or do whatever it is that she wants to do. We think you are game enough to do this! Imagine us cheering for you loud & clear “You can do this, come on!!”

A short Blog to learn more while you ponder over including this in your timetable: https://blogs.adb.org/blog/estimating-value-women-s-unpaid-work-asia-s-homes

3. Take a well-earned break by watching some sports with a cup of tea!!!

(Now that you have learned the new skill…may be it is tea making? after you did the dishes of course… oh can you hear us? Cheering, “YOU ARE THE MASTER OF DIRTY DISHES…”)

We are wondering if you have seen all of the recent sport matches? We hear you that it is indeed unfortunate that the upcoming ones have been cancelled.

BUT, Do not fear there is still plenty you can watch….how about try something new? How about encouraging women’s sports!? May be this article will get you going!


4. Spend some time talking to your family and friends over a meal/virtual call

Without a shred of doubt, this one is a must!

Running out of topics to talk? Here is a good one- Do you know if India’s workforce participation rate of women has A) declined B) sharply declined C) increased d) remains the same e) sharply increased? Get to know the answer in this article;


5. Need a movie for the family that transcends the language and age barriers?

WATCH SITARA. Being a silent film it only adds to the story and the plot that teaches us about choice and many other facts and issues along the way. Go ahead, stream it!


6. Make the time to say THANK YOU. Make sure you thank everyone who has made this day possible & contributed towards building a work (all kinds of work paid and unpaid),balance in life and resolve to improve it going forward.

That’s it! You are set! Now, how about telling us how are you responding to this lockdown & confinement at home? Share below in the comments section, we sure are waiting.