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Who are women?

In this not-so-usual-times, most of us are wondering about things we love, are curious about and interested in, but, are usually too ‘busy’ or distracted to ponder about. Likewise, our co-founder while wondering on her curiosities discovered something essential MISSING.

And, that too in a manner that most of us don’t even realise it being NOT there. No one seems to even question about it. What do you think we are talking about? Read on and find out.


The year 2020 is an odd one. The news today is that XX country has the single highest day spike in the number of cases of COVID19 and yet restrictions are eased.

The year 2020 is an odd one. The year the world came to a standstill and then restarted as before.

The year 2020 is an odd one. But it cannot be the only odd year.

I decided to read high school history. I saw a couple of documentaries on virus and pandemic to see if history had forewarned us and is repeating itself. However, I ended up in a place I did not foresee.

This place is called “where are the women?”

"Where are the women?"

The women are only referenced if they are the caregivers, the mothers or for some reason beyond the exemplary so-called “Superwomen!”

And even then, it does not seem a fair distribution of the chapters of history.

For example, The chapter on Alexander’s conquests goes on forever, but leaves me wondering about the women during this era.

There is no mention of them.

Women seem to appear much later and only find mention in the shape of mothers and sisters. There is of course some stories of warrior women like Razia Sultan but she is portrayed as a superwoman.

As this year has taught us to look inward and closer to home, I had conversations with friends and family about my maternal family tree. Again, there does not seem to be much information.

The stories for women still seem to end with “she got married” or “she gave birth to XXX children” or “she was a good woman”.

Let me be clear, this is not an article that judges women’s choices of being a wife and/or mother.

However, I wonder if that is where her personal idea of self begins and ends?

Upon further digging I found out that my ancestor is a woman who tried to write the chapter on women’s right for the constitution, but was considered ahead of her time. Another ancestor I found out about is a lady who started her own religion.

I think these are really cool stories that the world, well, will never know.

During this lockdown and ever-so-confusing unlock, I have started looking up THE WOMEN.

My question still remains;

Where are they?

Who are they?

I see some posts on social media. A few news stories and news channels on women. (Yes, Of course, I looked up rebel girls).

But if you have better ideas on where I and all those interested can read more about the women of our world please let us know by posting a comment.

I, especially, want to hear about women who you know but the world does not.Yet.