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Unafraid to lead with KINDNESS.

Updated: Feb 28

Another week has gone by, another Monday is on us and yes, we are still gripped by the pandemic of COVID-19 & many many more issues.

But, No matter the state of being you are in today, whether it is optimistic, resigned, ‘taking one day a time’ attitude, mindful, monkey-minded, fatigued or full of energy…irrespective of how you are feeling today, surely you (and we too) can use a little bit of inspiration to keep us going!

So, how about an exemplary leader who is not only rewriting the so-called rules of the leadership but also walking the talk & yes, (no pun intended) leading by example(s)?

You might have already guessed that we are talking about none other than the New Zealand Prime Minister: Jacinda Arden.

When it comes to being a leader, there seems to be a set of rules set in stone right from what to talk, how to act, what kind of show should be put on etc (The very things that perhaps distances a leader from the very people whom s/he wants to lead by serving in their best interests, isn’t it?).

There seems to be not many who actively disregard these so-called “thats how it is always done” rules and move forward with not only their intellect but choose to rely on their instinct too.

In our present time which is especially distinguished by the perplexity of a pandemic (and much more), Jacinda Arden stands out with her style of refreshing, inspiring, an absolutely firm and an effective leadership especially marked by the elements of kindness and empathy.

Thanks to this article by The Guardian, (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/31/jacinda-ardern-political-leaders-can-be-both-empathetic-and-strong)

we get to know Jacinda’s take on questions such as; Being empathetic makes one a great leader? Should the leaders accept their mistakes?… and many more.

Read on; get rid of your blues and be awed by Jacinda’s candid sharing.

(Candid sharing- two words we never really thought could be used with respect to the political leaders!)

(Article by The Guardian, source link- https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/31/jacinda-ardern-political-leaders-can-be-both-empathetic-and-strong)