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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A home, however imperfect, is supposed to offer a sense of security, freedom and a feeling of comfort. People in the home are meant to be your support system.

Like most of us, I too tend to complain about some nuanced idiosyncrasies of my family members and be bothered by some inconveniences like the traffic noise entering my home etc and yet whether it is after a long day or a long trip, all I want is; TO BE back home; my safe, soothing and secure space.

But, what if your home is not a secure space? What if people you live with turn into the manifestations of your worst nightmares? What if you are confined with someone who threatens your well-being, your right to life, your right to be, at every given moment?

Since the lockdown, the surge in domestic violence has been reported globally along with UNWomen calling it the ‘Shadow Pandemic. Each government has reacted to it with some measure but is it effective and empathetic enough?

One thing that is definitely required is a trusting and listening space where one can share their endured experiences.

That is why, without a shred of doubt, an initiative like the SafeCircle by Elsa Marie D’Silva’s organisation (Red Dot Foundation and SafeCity) is highly commendable. We had previously written a piece on Elsa in which we have mentioned about Red Dot foundation and SafeCity.

SafeCircle offers a safe space for the domestic violence survivors.

SafeCircle’s objective is to be a “secure, trusting space for survivors of violence”. In their own words, “This is a non-judgemental listening circle for survivors to share their experiences, learn from others and know that they are not alone. We are facilitating a safe community space where we can seek to find solutions through sharing, listening and offering insights. Please note it is not a therapy session nor is it an SOS solution”.

SafeCircle is due to be launched today,15th May through the virtual platform online at 3pm.

Click here to find all the details.

Sharing a personal experience is a powerful way to inspire change and we hope through the sharing on SafeCircle, we can get a little closer to extinct the vicious act of domestic violence.