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Repost- "299 vs 97 min/day:NSS confirms household, unpaid work falls on women".

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

(Post Source: Indian Express, 30th September 2020- https://indianexpress.com/article/india/household-unpaid-work-men-women-survey-6636769/)

We are sharing the article published on Indian Express on 30th September'20 about the 1st ever NSS survey on 'Time use in India 2019' .The survey findings reveals the wide difference in between the amount of time spent by women and men on the household and 'unpaid'* work among other findings.

Key points from the article are:

- This is the 1st of its kind 'Time use survey' in India conducted by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

- Primary objective was to measure men and women's participation (and thus contribution) towards paid and unpaid activities (work) and the distribution of time on various activities.

- Survey was conducted with as many as1.39 lakh households across India comprising 4.47 lakh persons above the age of six being enumerated between January to December 2019.

- Only 38.2 % of population is involved in "employment and other related activities". This comes to 7 hours and 9 minutes (429 minutes) on an average per day.

- Only 18.4% women are involved in employment activities as compared to 57.3% of men.

- On the employment activities men spend around 7 hours and 39 minutes (459 minutes) on an average per day whereas women spend only 5 hours and 33 minutes (333 minutes) on an average per day.

- Towards unpaid domestic services for household members women spend around 5 hours (299 minutes) thrice as much as men who spend around 1 hour 37 minutes (97 minutes) per day.

- 81.2% of women are involved in unpaid domestic work/services per day as compared to the 26.1% men per day.

- Towards the care giving activity to a dependent child or an adult in the house(this too will be unpaid activity) women spend on average more than 2 hours (134 minutes) while men spend about an hour (76 minutes). Also, where 27.6% women are involved in care giving only 14% men participate in the same.

- Only 2.4% respondents mentioned to be involved in volunteer activities with around 101 minutes spent on it on average.

- 91.3% of respondents confirmed participating in various socialising, communication (chatting, conversing) and community based activities (gatherings, religious based activities) each day for an average of around 143 minutes.

- 86.9% respondents also participates in culture, leisure, mass-media and sports activities for an average of 165 minutes each day.

Read the complete article here: https://indianexpress.com/article/india/household-unpaid-work-men-women-survey-6636769/

Other useful link: http://mospi.nic.in/time-use-survey

What do you think of these findings? Do you spend approximately same amount of time on different activities through out the day as per the findings of this survey? Let us know in the comments.

Here is another food for thought, Are we genuinely moving towards gender equality when on a daily basis the division of work is not close to being the same, if not completely identical, between the two sexes?

If what we do, i.e. our actions define us, then if we are actually moving towards bridging the difference in responsibilities as prescribed for ages under different gender roles, shouldn't this survey show some different findings?

Will the findings be any different for the survey conducted in 2020, the year where by and large we, both women and men, have been working from home?


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