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International HumanRIGHTS day.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We have been gone for sometime. But, just because we have been absent (from posting), we at HRS have definitely not been inactive. In short, we have been working on shaping the HRS and how can we make our contents worth more of your time and attention. We cannot still say when, but soon you will get to engage in the fruits of our labour.

However, how can we not share a thing (or two) on the International Humanrights day?!

So, we are sharing (re-posting) these 2 short articles; one captures the theme of this Human rights day and the other one shares the role of 2 Indian women in the formation of Universal declaration of Human rights in 1948. (We were struck by an epiphany about how come we did not read about these 2 ladies in our history books? Once again we ask the question: Who are women?)

(Picture source:https://www.un.org/en/sections/universal-declaration/history-document/index.html)

Read the 1st article here:


Read the 2nd article here:


We wonder how many miles WE, the world, still have left to go in actually living the universal declaration of Humanrights completely? There is a saying which goes 'World runs on hope', is it possible that 'World thrives on Humanrights and hope' instead can be a reality one day?


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