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“DON’T FOCUS!” says Chaitaly Mehta

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

"Do you feel guilty of not accomplishing super feats during this stay home stay safe period? Do you feel in this lockdown period, you have not achieved enough with ‘all the extra time’ you have gained?"

We, like you, are going through a somewhat similar mindset of “am I doing enough?” questioning trips. We want this time to be used so efficiently that when we look back, it should have nothing less than a ‘Superhero saves the world’ effect.

Thankfully, before we completely burnt out, we got a genuine and heartfelt message from Chaitaly Mehta.

So, Who is Chaitaly Mehta?

Chaitaly Mehta is an amazing woman who is a logistics professional with 23 years of experience. (Chaitaly’s warm and humorous personality along with her motto of ‘calling a spade a spade’, is truly refreshing, we absolutely love it!)

She is the FIRST woman to join in the family business; a 3rd generation customs broker and 2nd generation freight forwarder who is at the helm of operations of EKF Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Express Kargo Forwarders Pvt. Ltd.)

Chaitaly’s definition of logistics clearly demonstrates her passion for the sector but more importantly her unique take on the subject;

“Logistics is a simple word but with a complex connotation. It has so many branches that interconnect and overlays, yet there is a strong invisible thread that ties the World Economy together like Spiderman’s Web."

She further asserts that her team and she make the cogs in the wheels of the world economy go around which is no less than a thrilling experience.

“We actually make a difference in people’s lives, albeit indirectly; it is this thought that makes me love my work and inspires me to work harder”.

Hear Chaitaly talk about her journey in her own words in this TEDx talk.

(We highly recommend this during these unprecedented times especially as you wonder about what’s next and consider ways to renew your life).

As dedicated as she is towards her chosen work, she is equally empathetic to these current times we are living under. According to her, the way to stay focused during this lockdown is, NOT TO FOCUS. She shares;

“Don’t focus. These are strange times and everyone in my opinion is trying too hard to prove something to themselves and to others. It is absolutely fine if you are having bad and moody days or you are not interested in doing anything or not learning any new activity. As long as you get up, can look at yourself in the mirror, smile and enjoy your time alone as well as with your family, you will be ok.

Give yourself time to absorb the environment, the silence, the emotions running through your body and your family’s emotions and just BREATHE.

Don’t see everyone’s social media’s posts and feel useless or worthless. Don’t indulge in self-pity as well, as it will only hurt and harm you.”

Chaitaly’s words are not only valuable amidst this lockdown but also in life as we know it. We all need to learn to ‘breathe’, to give ourselves a break without indulging in self-pity and stop comparing ourselves especially with how others are represented on their social media pages.

So, we leave you with this food for thought, instead of hopping from one ‘challenge' to another and trying to prove your worth according to the standards dictated by others, why not use this time to pause, slow down, reflect and have the courage to JUST BE?