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Doctor and the Tea lady

Updated: Feb 28

Does it move you when you hear stories of hope, love, humanity in simple stories formed by simple gestures? We came upon a story thanks to Scroll.in between a lady doctor and a tea selling lady. It especially caught our attention due to its simple message of benevolence & care from one woman (the tea selling lady) to another woman (the health care professional). Health care professionals despite working tirelessly during this pandemic are facing discrimination.

By sharing this story by Scroll we hope to spread an example to lead ourselves on towards the health care professionals everywhere & also showcase a simple example of women supporting women.

Read the complete story here

This story is originally published by Scroll.in at https://scroll.in/article/957385/as-a-doctor-on-the-covid-19-front-i-dont-want-clanging-thalis-i-just-want-a-little-kindness.