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The making of suppressed women.

"External changes are misleading, inside we are still the same."

With our aim to provide insightful, useful resources, today we re-post an intriguing TED talk by Deepa Narayan.

This Re-post features a TED talk by Deepa Narayan- a social scientist whose research from girls and women in urban, middle and upper middle class India presents how subtly women are suppressed.

Instead of explaining anymore, we urge and encourage that every person, irrespective of being a woman or man, should watch this talk. Afterwards, just give it a thought, discuss it with others around you and spread the word.

Further, we recommend to take a look at her book 'CHUP'


To progress, we must, ALL of us- young, old, man, woman, urban, rural...everyone need to at least start a conversation and break the silence (the Chup).


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