WE, People of Humanrights solutions, believe;

  • If you are a human = You have Humanrights

       (It is NOT a typo, we just find it better to write the human & rights together, since    

       every human is born equal with equal Humanrights.)

  • Women’s rights = Humanrights

What do we mean? 

We collaborate to create human centric solutions to the world's critical issues by joining hands with YOU as a partner from ideation to experimentation to implementation.

AND, as our 1st step,

We are boldly foraying into breaking stereotypes and empowering women.

How do we plan on doing this?

We are building sustainable models that will allow for replication and scale.


Our process consists,

  • Creating a judgment free zone and Building effective collaborations​.


So, What are we doing right now?

We started with stories and learning, a humble beginning as curators, while we still do that but we are also moving 

forward as conversation starters with focus on LadyLike taking flight.